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Five Life Lessons from Childbirth

When it comes to childbirth, every mother has her own idea of how she wants it to unfold. And then there is the reality of how it actually unfolds. I honor every mama and baby’s path. When I became pregnant with my first son, Kai, I knew I wanted to at least try natural childbirth. I had no idea how […]

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That is my intention for 2016: To be fearless. I admit that I’m taking some creative liberties with this word. I don’t literally mean to be without fear. That is impossible for any human being. Fear is unavoidable and even essential to our existence. What I mean by fearless is to not be controlled by fear, to not be […]

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This is where I’ve been

  I haven’t been writing to you lately or crafting any new blog posts, and I really miss connecting with you in this way.  I wanted you to share with you why I’ve been MIA, as two big aspects of my life’s work have been consuming me wholly. The first is my new baby boy, Tayo Starr […]

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How a simple breath balances your body and mind

  In my last post, I shared how Dirgha pranayama (also known as the complete yogic breath or the three-part breath) has been a life-changing practice for me. In this post, I want to delve more deeply into the psychological and physiological benefits of Dirgha. Let’s start with the mind. Yesterday morning, I woke up […]

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The yoga tool that will change your life

  Dirgha pranayama (also called the complete yogic breath or the three-part breath) is the standout yoga technique that has continually had the greatest impact on my life. So much so that I’ve recorded a free download for you to try it. Dirgha, pronounced DEER-GUH, is a Sanskrit word meaning “stretched.” “Pranayama” is the Sanskrit term […]

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