• Fluorite Wrist Mala for clarity
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      Fluorite gemstones enhance mental clarity and intellect, while helping to open all the chakras.Our Fluorite mala bracelet comes on stretch cord and is 7.25" in size. May it help you trust your intelligence and open to the flow of energy within your body. Every piece in our collection comes with a card describing its meaning and is packaged lovingly in...
    • Moonstone Wrist Mala for goddess energy
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      Moonstone is a powerfully beautiful stone of the goddesses. It promotes calming energy and the ability to be receptive to others. The moonstone mala bracelet is 7.25" in size and is made with stretch cord, allowing it to fit most wrists. Your moonstone mala bracelet come in a free Prasada gift box and has a card describing its meaning.
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