• Chakra and Sandalwood Wrist Mala
    • $24.00
      This mala bracelet combines sacred sandalwood with genuine gemstones for each chakra:Garnet (first chakra) for grounding and safety.Carnelian (second chakra) for sensuality and creative expression.Yellow Jade (third chakra) for personal power.Green Aventurine (fourth chakra) for self love and universal love.Turquoise (fifth chakra) for self-expression.Lapis (sixth chakra) for intuition.Amethyst (seventh chakra) for connection to the divine.May this powerful bracelet promote wellness...
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    • Sandalwood Wrist Mala for peace and calm
    • $16.00
      In ancient times, sandalwood was said to grow only in heaven's gardens. Temple gates and religious statues are carved from the wood because of the spiritual association and the exquisite scent.The Sandalwood scent, called chandana, is used to induce a calm, meditative state.Our sandalwood mala bracelet is 7.25" in size and is made with stretch cord, allowing it to fit...
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