Your purchase makes the world better

I believe we’re all in this together, and I want you to know that your purchase makes the world better. When you buy Prasada Jewelry, we donate a portion of the proceeds to causes we feel are making the world a better place:

Be-A-Light, with Shiva Rea

Through our exclusive ShivaShaki collection, created in collaboration with Shiva Rea, we raise money for Shiva’s Be-A-Light project.

This allows us to donate solar lanterns to children who don’t have healthy sources of light – or any light at all. Shiva takes the lanterns to children in villages who only have kerosene (one night of kerosene is as damaging as smoking 4 packs of cigarettes), as well as homeless children in US cities who need light to walk home safely or to do their homework by.

Teaching for Diversity

We donate a portion of our profits every year to Kripalu’s Teaching for Diversity Program, which brings yoga to populations who need it most, such as cancer patients, inner city children and war vets. I’ve personally benefitted from yoga on such deep levels that I have a great passion for helping others gain access to the healing and empowering benefits of yoga.