• Soulshine Sun Pendant Necklace | Moonstone
    • $120.00
      The sun is the perpetual symbol of energy & radiance. Moonstone is the goddess stone. It offers calm, receptive energy.Wear this pendant, hung on a high quality sterling silver chain, to remind you of the luminosity & brilliance of your inner goddess.Each piece comes with a card describing its meaning and significance.
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    • A drop of Moonstone to honor life's mysteries
    • $36.00
      A drop of Moonstone to honor life's mysteries.This delicate necklace features a tiny Moonstone gem that lays sweetly at the nape of your neck. The stainless steel wire is exceptionally sturdy, so you can wear it all the time.May it remind you that being human means living into life's big and small questions. May it help you honor life's mysteries.Packaged...
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    • Moonstone Mala beads for goddess energy
    • $140.00
      Moonstone is a powerfully beautiful stone of the goddesses. It promotes calming energy and the ability to be receptive to others. May these 30" mala beads, made of 108 6mm gemstones help you to find peace within, and to remain open to others. Suggested Moonstone Mala Meditation: Drape your mala over your ring finger. Beginning at the tassel, touch the...
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