• Four Directions
    • $80.00
      In shamanism, the four directions are stages of healing that help one to find balance and wholeness. They are used in prayer and all things sacred.The East is the rising sun and opening to one's wisdom. The South is for the highest sun, inviting warmth and growth. The West is for the setting sun and the life giving energies of...
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    • Energy Spiral with porcelain and rose glass
    • $48.00
      The spiral symbolizes the timeless flow of energy uniting all beings. Gracefully, it arises outward to release life, then curling infinitely inward, thus celebrating inner divinity.Here the Spiral Pendant Necklace is complimented by rich colors in accent beads of handmade porcelain, gemstone and glass. May it help you cultivate positive energy. May it remind you that you are never ending...
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