• Amethyst gemstone bracelet
    • $34.00
      Amethyst is calming, gentle and protective. It heals and heightens the insight of the one who wears it. Amethyst reduces fear, while improving connection and communication.May this amethyst and silver bracelet help you cultivate balance and intuition, trusting your inner wisdom and expressing it with clarity.Each piece comes with a card describing its meaning and significance.
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    • Turquoise gemstone bracelet
    • $42.00
      Turquoise unites energies of earth and sky, promoting healing and shielding the one who wears it.It helps with speech and heals emotions.May this turquoise and silver bracelet remind you that you are safe, grounded and strong. The healing you need lies within your own bones. May it offer safety and strength to your ever unfolding journey.Each piece comes with a...
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