• Sandalwood Mala beads for peace and calm | Purple tassel
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      Sandalwood is a highly spiritual wood that is said to have grown only in heaven's gardens. The sacred wood has been used to create many temple gates and sacred statues. It also offers aromatherapy to the one who wears it, as the sandalwood scent (chandana) is used to induce a calm, meditative state. This mala features 8mm sandalwood beads, a...
    • Sandalwood Mala beads for peace and calm | Teal tassel
    • $30.00
      According to mythology, sandalwood grew only in heaven's gardens. Temple gates and religious statues are carved from the wood because of the spiritual association and the exquisite scent. The Sandalwood scent, called chandana, is used to induce a calm, meditative state.This knotted sandalwood mala bead necklace beads features 6mm beads and hangs about 30" long. Suggested Sandalwood Mala Meditation: Drape...
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    • Sandalwood Mala beads for peace and calm | Red tassel
    • $49.00
      This unisex mala bead necklace is made from sacred sandalwood beads (10mm beads) and hangs about 44" long.Sandalwood is a highly revered wood that mythology tells us grew only in the gardens of heaven.The scent of the sandalwood helps you settle into a relaxed, meditative space. Suggested Sandalwood Mala Meditation: Drape your mala over your ring finger. Beginning at the...
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    • Tulsi Mala beads for connection to the divine
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      In Hinduism, Tulsi is considered the holiest of plants and is seen as an earthly manifestation of the goddess Tulsi. It is regarded as the threshold between heaven and earth. These 30" malas, made of 108 6mm Tulsi beads, are said to promote your connection to the divine. May they remind you of this connection every time you wear them...
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