A Meditation to help you trust in the support of the universe

Click here to listen now Dear friend, I recorded this meditation to help you stay connected to that which holds and supports you in this life. It accompanies my "Guided" angel wing collection and is a reminder that you are never alone. No matter how intense, overwhelming, and stressful life can be, there is something larger than you that holds and supports you - however you personally conceive of it - and the more we stay connected to it, the less we fear, the more we let go and trust. Wear or hold your angel wing piece when you practice the meditation, so that you can charge that piece with the internal state you'll create while doing the meditation. As you wear your angel wings throughout the day, they will remind you of that internal space, and they will become tools to help you live from a place of power, grace and trusting that life is unfolding exactly as it should. Using the link below, you can download Guided onto your phone, ipad, or computer, and listen to it anytime. If you enjoy it, you can click here to get FREE yoga resources I've recorded for you. Enjoy and stay in touch!  Always with my love and gratitude, Allison Signature 2 Smaller    

A quick note

Early in the meditation, I refer to the complete yogic breath (also called Dirgha breath). You do not need to know anything about this breath to do the meditation, but if you'd like to learn it, you can download a guided experience here.