Seven Chakra Power Mala beads | Gemstones

This is a serious power mala featuring a rich variety of high quality gemstones to represent each of the seven chakras (main energy centers of your body).

Keeping the chakras open promotes optimal wellness in body, mind and spirit, as each one contains bundles of nerves, organs and affects our mental/emotional states.

The gemstones in this mala are said to help support the opening of the seven chakras:

First chakra (strength, grounding): onyx, lava,obsidian
Second chakra (creativity, sexuality): sparrow jasper, red jasper, carnelian
Third chakra (personal power): picture jasper , yellow jade
Fourth chakra (love, connection): aventurine , prehnite
Fifth chakra (self-expression, truth): lapis , turquoise
Sixth chakra (intuition):, amethyst , lavender
Seventh chakra (spiritual connection to self and the divine): howlite , clear quartz.

Each piece comes with a card describing its meaning and arrives to you in free Prasada gift packaging.
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