ShivaShakti mala | Citrine, Amethyst and Aquamarine

Our featured mala in our signature Shiva Rea collection, this powerful mala is strong and striking.

It features 6mm citrine gemstones to increase your energy, personal power, joy, abundance & generosity. The faceted Amethyst aids in meditation, while promoting calm, balance, and peace within the cells of your being. Aquamarine enhances your mental clarity and facilitates emotional cleansing. The gemstones are high quality and hand knotted with great care.

You get to choose a sterling silver or 14K gold plated charm featuring the Samudra symbol to remind you to flow with the pulse of life. Your mala comes to you in a special Prasada gift box and has a card describing its meaning.

Your purchase helps to support Shiva's Be-A-Light program, as 10% of profits are donated to help bring solar lanters to children who need safe light at night. This helps homeless children in cities and kids in villages who have no other safe light to shine on their paths at night.

With your purchase of this mala, you too are shining a light!
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