Soul Sister bar necklace | Sterling Silver

She is the one who helps you belong to yourself.

Dear one,

I am over the moon about introducing this *brand new* design to you.

I don't have a blood-related sister, but there are women in my life who are true and deeply connected sisters of my soul.

They are steady forces who help me to soar, and they pick me up when I fall apart.

They are always there for me. They genuinely share my joy - without jealousy or competition - when life goes well for me, and they hold my heart tenderly when it breaks.

And I get the tremendous honor of doing the same for them.

These relationships are among the greatest gifts of this lifetime for me.

This brand new necklace design grows entirely out of my fall-to-my-knees appreciation for these friendships and the garland of love they weave through my life.

This necklace is adjustable, 16" - 18", so it fits mosts necks and can be worn at different lengths, depending on your outfit. It comes in a FREE Prasada gift box.

Send one to your soul sister now!

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