Don't quit before the miracle

Back in November, Shaun and I led a drum circle to help Heartsong Yoga Studio celebrate 20 years of offering yoga to their community. That's a long time!

After the drum circle, Sheila, Heartsong’s owner and a longtime friend, shared with me some of the joys and struggles of running this amazing studio for 20 years.

She told me the simple phrase that’s gotten her through the challenging times, something her angelic mother, Beth, has said to her all her life:

Don’t quit before the miracle.

It was a message I needed to hear. I didn’t even know how much at the time.

I was at a turning point with my yoga jewelry business, Prasada, and feeling completely overwhelmed by taking the next steps. I needed a new brand, a new website, more support with production and sales, updated product photos and descriptions, and a lot more knowledge about growing a business. All of this required time and money, and I didn't know where I would get more of either.

Surrounded by so much uncertainty and so many questions, it felt easier to just forget it all.

One day when I was struggling with all these these unknowns, I remembered Sheila saying, "Don’t quit before the miracle," and in my head it sounded like that whispery, ominous voice you hear in movies.

I made a choice in that moment to focus on everything that was going well with my business, all the pieces that were already lined up for success. It re-inspired me to keep on keeping on. I hired someone to help with administrative work and production. I took steps toward building a new website. My dear friend, Elaina Mortali, began helping me with photography projects.

Most important, I remembered why I started Prasada in the first place:

To create jewelry pieces to remind people of what's important to them, to be wearable prayers that help keep them grounded on their path or help them cultivate something they want to grow in their lives.

While all these professional pieces were moving, Shaun and I were also trying to have a second child. I had had two miscarriages, one before and one after my son, Kai, and I was feeling extremely discouraged and convinced that it would never happen.

Then I pictured Beth’s radiantly loving face as she said Don’t quit before the miracle.

This opened me again to the possibility of new life, and reminded me of the miracle of the life we’ve already created. I was reminded that possibility is still everywhere if you just choose to see it, if you open to the mystery and believe.

This got me back on track for visualizing my heart’s greatest desire.

So often, we let negative thought patterns defeat us. The more we stay open to the possibility of something miraculous happening to us, while taking steps toward those miracles, the more we’re showered with success and abundance of all kinds.

What are you holding yourself back from, and what's one small or big step you can take toward that goal? By simply writing it down here, you'll be 21% more likely to realize that dream (33% if you send a weekly progress report to a friend!).*

So, go on and tell us in the comments. I'd love to hear! With love and possibility,

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* I am a geek for good research. This study was conducted with 247 participants by Dr. Gail Matthews at Dominican University in California: http://www.dominican.edu/dominicannews/study-backs-up-strategies-for-achieving-goals
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