Who believes in you?

It was springtime in the Berkshires, and winter just wouldn't stop.

As I was desperately craving a warm sunny day, it once again started snowing, and I was losing my mind. I had this Facebook exchange with my mom:


I laughed........ because this was SO my mom.

What I felt in that moment was grateful, because it struck me (as it has many other times) that my mom has always believed in me....... "Yes you can" has always been her message to me, and I have thankfully reached a point in my life where I no longer take that for granted.

You want to teach yoga for a living? Yes you can! You want to design jewelry too? Yes you can! You want to learn how to drum? Yes you can! You want to lead retreats? Yes you can! (and by the way, sign me up!) You want to manifest 80 degree weather by wearing flip flops in the snow? Yes, my dear, you can! 

One time when her "Yes you can!" pushed me to over the edge of manifestation was when Shaun and I were shopping for our house.

There are beautiful lakes in our area and I desperately wanted to live by one of them.... so we started looking for lakefront property and we saw house after house that started wayyyy beyond our realistic price point, so one day I talked to my mom "It's not really looking good for lakefront property, so we're just going to look for something that's at least close to one of the lakes."

She said "Don't let it go! Hold onto your vision of being right by the water!"

She reminded me to rise above the logistics of how it might happen and focus on the reality that it absolutely could happen.

So I went back to my visualization of seeing us living on a lake.

And one day we drove past a sign that said "For Sale by Owner."  Shaun stopped the car and backed up. We drove down the road to see our house, across the street from my very favorite lake in the Berkshires, that was listed close enough to our price range, with an incredible view of the lake and mountains. This is the view I get to see every single day, from my living room and my deck (shown here with a cute little boy fishing and a bad sunscreen job by his mom :)....

Every day I enjoy the immense blessing of living by the water.

My mom is at the root of my ability to manifest the things I want in life, because she reminds me to believe. She is the external voice that feeds my inner voice saying "yes you can."

So my question for you is --- who believes in you?

It may or may not be a parent, or it may be a best friend, a sibling, a grandparent, a child, an aunt or uncle, a partner or spouse, a neighbor..... who is that person in your life who when you tell them something bold you want, they wholeheartedly say "YES YOU CAN!!!!"

And THIS is my unsolicited suggestion for what you should do next:

1) Thank them. Let them know how much it means. It may be second nature to them, like it is for my mom. But hearing how much it means to you will make them feel amazing, and will also make YOU feel amazing. Doing something nice for others, like showing sincere appreciation, is shown to release a boost of positive healing chemicals in your brain that heal you and make you happier. Thank you, Mom! 

2) Keep them close!

3) Make someone else's life better by saying "YES YOU CAN!" Reach out to someone today (tomorrow's fine too) and let them know that you believe in them. When you think of how much it means to your heart when you hear this, and you realize how easily you could do this for someone else, it is so worth it.

4) In addition to whoever your biggest fan is in your life, BE THAT PERSON FOR YOURSELF TOO!

I always love to hear your thoughts and comments, so please share below and know that I appreciate and respect you tremendously!

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Post by agemmel on 13 Sep, 2018

I’m so sorry that you went through such a huge loss at such a young age :( You are a true inspiration finding that voice for yourself! No one can ever take that from you <3 Sending my love!

Post by agemmel on 13 Sep, 2018

Thank you so much, Priscilla. I hope to see you this weekend!
Many blessings