Four Directions

In shamanism, the four directions are stages of healing that help one to find balance and wholeness. They are used in prayer and all things sacred.

The East is the rising sun and opening to one's wisdom. The South is for the highest sun, inviting warmth and growth. The West is for the setting sun and the life giving energies of the water sources. The North honors cold winds, the trials people must endure and the cleansing that those trials bring.

The spirals in the Four Directions pendant (99% silver) symbolize your constant evolution through these directions. The pendant is accented here by porcelain, garnet, and smokey quartz.

May this necklace remind you to embrace all of life's experiences as you ride the waves of being human. May it remind you to cultivate that which supports you and feeds you through the ups and downs. May it remind you to look for the lessons and blessings in every experience you encounter.

Each piece comes with a card describing its meaning and significance.
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